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Click the link above to hear:  The Night I Met the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans: a Song Written & Performed by Carl Keith

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This is the site of Paul Prudhomme's restaurant called K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen. It is located in the French Quarter on Chartres street and is famous for many great dishes including the original Blackened Redfish. Stop by for great food and service, or go to, or call 800-457-2857 for private parties & more information.


This is a shot of the tomb of the famous Marie Laveau who is known as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans located in St. Louis Cemetery Number One which is recognized as the most haunted cemetery in the United States.  This cemetery is located on the corner of St. Louis and Basin Street on the edge of the French Quarter.   Marie Leveau lived for nearly 100 years from 1800 to the end of the century and people came from across New Orleans and the south to seek her advice and assistance in achieving their goals.  Her tomb is just inside the main gate about 50 feet back and has the Glapion family name and a bronze marker on it.  And hey, if you find her tomb knock three times before you go and you just might get to meet Marie Leveau.  The music playing on this page is my original song "The Night I Met the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans".  

Click here to see the video of "The Night I Met the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans"


You see Emeril on TV, well this is where he started it all. Emeril's Restaurant is on Tchopitoulas Street in New Orlean's warehouse district near downtown and the French Quarter. Stop by for dinner and you might just see Emeril himself running the show. Emeril's is open for business and has been for most of 2006.  Go to, or call 504-528-9393 for reservations, private parties, or more information.


This is the famous Commanders Palace Restaurant on Washington just a few blocks off St. Charles Avenue.  It was closed for almost a year after Katrina while it was completely renovated.  They're back now and better than ever.  For more information on reservations and private parties call 504-899-8221, or try and learn about this historic restaurant.  Don't forget to try the bread pudding soufle for dessert.  


Brennan's will definitely leave you grinnin! So many great restaurants to choose from, like Brennan's shown above on Royal Street in the French Quarter. Brennan's is well-known for it's great food and their original Bannanna's Foster desert. You can sit inside and dine in their gorgeous dining rooms, or have Sunday Jazz Brunch outside on their beautiful French Quarter courtyard. Go to, or call 504-525-9711 for reservations or private parties.


Now don't forget you can ride a streetcar down the avenue, and see historic old homes & The Audubon Zoo! Just hop off the streetcar at Audubon Park and walk through the park on the walking track past 200 year old oaks to the Audubon Zoo entrance on Magazine Street. You can see white tigers, white alligators, and much more! Go to  to learn more, or call 800-774-7394 for special events and private parties.


This is an order of Beignets with an Iced Coffee at the original Cafe Du Monde on Decature Street.

This is a shot of the famous Hurricane drink served at Pat O'Briens.



This is the storefront to Sterling Silvia's store in the French Quarter across from the historic French Market.  Ask for Juan or Silvia as they make some of the finest Sterling Silver jewelry you will find anywhere.  Many of her creations feature historic New Orleans landmarks like the St. Louis Cathedral, the New Orleans Watermeter covers, and of course the Fleur de Lis.  You can visit her store daily and there are entrances on the French Market side and also on Decatur Street.  Call her store at 504-299-9225 for information about her custom designs for yourself or your group, and visit her website at


This is the House of Blues Restaurant & Music Hall that I sing about in my song Bringing Back New Orleans.  It is located on Decatur Street in the French Quarter and hosts live music almost every night.  The food and the music is excellent, and you can have private parties there as well.  Call them at 504-310-4999, or check out their website located at, or call Gena Boudreaux at 504-310-4986 for Foundation Room information.  Check it out, as you never know who you might see there.

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